29 July 2005


No, no, not SWF, as in I have a stalker roommate who bludgeons my boyfriend to death with a high heel. (My roommates are, in fact, not stalkers; they do not even steal my underwear. And if DCD was going to kill my [imaginary] boyfriend, she'd so use a combat boot.)

SWF as in I was driving to Kent last night, the wind whipping through my long hair. Ok, no, I had the windows up so I could listen to NPR jazz, but my hair is getting quite long. Anyway, I felt contentedly single. Unfettered by the responsibility of being emotionally and physically tethered to someone.

I chided myself for not embracing this feeling more often. There might be the day when my responsibilities are multiplied, and I won't have the freedom to dine out then drink on my balcony with friends then dash off to hang out with other friends—as I did last night. I might have a husband. I might have rugrats (the real live version, not the cartoons). At the very least, I might have a dog, which requires more attention than my cats.

Many times I ache for these tethers for I think my soul strives to be bound by such love. For now, though, I will appreciate the freedom and benefits of singledom. And every friend, every experience becomes a ribbon tied to my wrist. Who knows where they will pull me.

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