27 July 2005

colour me periwinkle

I don't understand people's simplistic perception of color.

The color of my car is teal. Knowing better, I resignedly refer to it as blue-green, lest I invite people to egregiously call it "green" or "blue". For shame! Don't people pay attention to their crayon boxes any more? Do they not perceive the nuance between "cadet blue" and "blue gray"? These are the same people who brazenly call magenta "purple". And mint green "green apple".

Some people are content to refer to colors as one of ROY G. BIV. I could admire their commitment to simplicity, their eschewing overanalysis. But I don't. I think they are missing out.

I don't think rudimentary childhood acquistiveness for bigger and better motivated my yen for the mother of all crayon boxes—the 96er. I just revelled in the profusion of color, of possibility. I never did get that box, but I suppose my Pantone color swatch guide now compensates for the lost colors of my youth.

My meticulous color ordering of crayon boxes (and, um, sock drawers and closets) finds validation at Colour Lovers.

Colour Lovers is a place to view, rate and review some lovely colours & palettes. the idea is to create a place of color inspiration where a designer of any sort can see new and lovely colours... find out what colors are hot, what work well in other uses... and simply make some love with colour.

Oh, you had me at the 'u' in colour! I will now make sweet love with you.

The people that call mahogany "brown" just wouldn't understand. They wouldn't get my stubborn search for the perfect periwinkle. Not blue. Not purple. It's periwinkle. And I need it to guide me toward the perfect paint and the perfect duvet cover.

It may be too soon to tell, but I think I found the one. I hope my parents like it.

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