12 July 2005

a child's quarrel with the world

according to my childhood logic, my life would have been infinitely better if:

- I had a Poochie dog.

- I had eaten that orange in my lunch bag instead of taking it home and hiding it in my jewelry box so my mom wouldn't know that I didn't eat it. It got really moldy and the scent of moldy orange never left the box, long after I surrepetitiously threw the orange out my bedroom window.

- I lived in a house with a turret and a secret passage.

- I had my own waterbed.

- i was a member of the Babysitters' Club
babysitters club2

- I never had to play softball (or rather, stand listlessly in right field or sit listlessly on the bench).

- I could have achieved a good,tall pouf of bangs.

- I had a twin.

- The "two bites" rule was abolished. (We had to eat at least two bites of everything on our dinner plates. But then I guess I'd never have stories about my brother vomiting at the dinner table.)

- My stupid jeans would stay pegged.

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