05 June 2005

summer camp movies

Yeah, yeah, yeah (as in Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah) The Parent Trap is one of the first summer camp movies.
I was enamored of it because not only did it have crazy camp antics, it featured twins, and I longed to have a twin with whom to execute such crazy antics.

Of course, there's the father of all cheesy summer camp films: Meatballs.
When I was young, the title disconcerted me—along with Porky's. Movies with meat products in the titles only seem to contain one sort of meat—breast meat.
Gratuitious boobies aside, you have to love the fashions of this 1979 movie—makes you hanker for a pair of tube socks.

I actually just viewed Little Darlings tonight.
The premise is the two new girls to camp get pitted against each other to see who will lose her virginity first. While it had its requisite camp cliches and hokey moments, the film surpassed my expectations of cheesiness. Its poignancy surprised me. Kristy McNichol impressed DCD, who watched the film with me, with her tearful emoting. I was impressed by her feathered hair.

With a great cast and tackling a genre ripe for parody, Wet, Hot American Summer didn't thrill me as much as I thought it might. The humorous bits are loosely cobbled together. I still appreciate it, though—for quotes like this by Amy Poehler's overzealous drama counselor character:
"Bring your Danskin, lycra, movement clothes, et. al. And leave your bullshit baggage at the door, 'cause we don't need it!! "
wethot17An amateur reviewer on IMDB makes a salient point about WHAS that my feminist self didn't recognize. The movie, while spoofing breast fests like Meatballs, "has fun with all the intentions and absurd situations without resorting to throwing in naked girls every ten minutes." It actually goes where Meatballs and its ilk would have never ventured and without homophobic barbs in hand; WHAS shows homosexuals but not in a negative way.
The movie was filmed in 28 days at an actual camp (to my knowledge). I also heard the actors all stayed in the cabins and such while filming, which is kinda cool. That invokes my summer camp envy.

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