23 June 2005

soundtrack to my childhood

Before Leslie M and I started our Madonna and Whitney Houston fan club and before I discovered Debbie Gibson, my music listening was at the mercy of my parents' collection. Here's what I grew up on:

What I roller skated to:
• The song Putting it Together by Barbra Streisand
Neil Diamond's America (featured on our 1988 Ford Aerostar's music sampler cassette)
The Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters


What my Barbies performed while I shined a spotlight (flashlight) on them:
Born in the USA (Ken sang that one)
Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (Barbies really identified with Dolly)

General Listening Fun:
Bimbombey by Jimmie Rodgers, whoever the hell that was. This song was on a 45 of my mom's along with Beep Beep
The Large, Dark Aardvark Song by (and I just learned this today) Allan Sherman.
Life Cereal's Greatest Hits cassette won by my mother for properly identifying the grown-up Mikey in a contest

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