09 June 2005

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Intrigued by this post by uber-blogger Jason Kottke, I decided to tabulate how many languages were represented in my music collection (CDs and MP-3s).

French: Enigma, Madeleine Peyroux, Air, Vous Dansez, Madamoiselle--a mix

Icelandic: Bjork, Sigur Ros

Japanese: Puffy AmiYumi, Pizzicato Five

Indian: Monsoon Wedding soundtrack, I Love Bollywood compilation, some other Indian mix

Spanish: Does Madonna's La Isla Bonita count?

Hebrew: Israel's Ultimate Hip Hop (but I don't actually listen to it.)

African: Kent State's African Drum Ensemble

I'm thinking there may be more, as I'm only going by my memory. Other than the token foreign language tracks bands perform.

What's your multi-culti music quotient?

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