12 June 2005

furniture shopping, take two

This time, salespeople talked to me.
My mother was with me.

Apparently, just about every modern, boxy sofa on the market is named the Metro. At least each one that is the token modern style in an otherwise mainstream furniture store.

I liked this particular Metro:
metro sofa
Albeit, not in black and sans the leopard print pillows.

While driving to some furniture stores, I noted the gobs of dog hair clinging to a seat in my mom's van. She suggested I take it into the stores with me to test it on the fabrics. Because there will be four cats in my household soon, I'm keen on a fabric that doesn't act like velcro to car fur.

I obliged, discreetly pulling the blob of black hair out of my pocket and rubbing it against different fabric grains. Other than avoiding a weird-o factor, I don't necessarily recommend this tactic. It doesn't quite simulate a cat's fine, clingy hair.

Next time, I'll have to bring cat hair.

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