07 June 2005

furniture shopping, take one

Because the couch I have lovingly foster sat for three years will be reuniting with its parents, I'm on the prowl for a modern, boxy, cat hair deflective sofa. I'm also casually browsing for bedroom furniture as I have decided a twin bed just isn't enough room for me and two cats.

sofa i want
tell ya what i want, what i really really want

I'm ready for big girl furniture, not Ikea-esque or fiberboard. So I finally went to Wayside Furniture, the Akron area's mecca of furniture. I wandered through the literal maze of chairs, tables and beds for a half hour.

During my time there, not one meticulously dressed salesperson approached me.

It was 85 degrees outside, and my hair was probably mussed by the wind during the car ride. I wasn't wearing a bra, but I was wearing a shirt—albeit a tank top that tied at the shoulders. So I didn't look like one of their usual customers—-sensible-Capri-pants-and-Aerosoles-T•strap-sandals-wearing with a husband in tow.

I don't know if I should be happy no one bugged me, and I didn't have to add to the humidity of the day by opening my mouth to say "just browsing". Or I should be ticked that they misjudged me as someone without money and not worth approaching.

There were no sofas at all I was interested in there. However, I did like a bedroom set—it was in the Teen section.

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