31 May 2005

rules are meant to be broken

My bizarre food proclivities (or rather disinclinations) rightfully flummox everyone who knows about them.

I'm a picky eater. I could expound extensively on this fact, but I only want to address one facet of it right now. The one that perpetually befuddles people.

It's the no fruits and grains together rule. It's really quite simple. As a general rule, I do not like any type of fruit mixed with grains (like bread, pie crust, etc.)

Yes, that means no apple (or any fruit) pie, no Nutrigrain bars. No jam on toast. The combination is not repugnant to me but my ambivalence toward it borders on dislike.

It is, however, acceptable—and often desirable—for some sort of fruit puree mixed into a grain. For example: banana bread, applesauce muffins or lemon cookies. But no chunks of fruit.

Get it? Ok, then, understand my amazement that today I realized an exception to the rule! I had forgotten that while in California, I chanced a bite of KEWP's mango chicken quesadilla. And, dear reader, I liked it!

It's a rather exotic dish to break my rule (and also my general no chunks of fruit mixed with dairy rule). So I'm not sure if it represents real evolution or is a mere fluke.

Only my palate will tell.

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