25 May 2005

i was born to laugh*

I told my mom that I laughed a lot when I was visiting KEWP and BEP in California. She said that was a good thing, that I was too serious—I needed to laugh more.

My mom's so easy. A Zits comic can cause her to cry because she is laughing so hard. My laughter can be more elusive, I suppose. I am not apt to laugh at a movie or show unless I am with others. And I seldom laugh while reading.

There are exceptions. One is David Sedaris. I'm a fan of the Jackass movie, parts of which make me laugh uncontrollably.

Because these and other exceptions inspire my uncensored laughter, I hold them in high regard. Because, really I love to laugh. I would have thought everyone loves to laugh until I met someone who didn't. But it's good for you! It promotes good vascular health.

So my visits with KEWP and BEP are good for my heart. There are only so many people or combinations of people with whom I have a real laughter connection. Do you know what I mean? That click of shared humor and convulsive giggles. I'm sure if anyone eavesdropped on our joking, they would be perplexed as to why we were doubled over, gasping for breath. Somehow a bag of granulated peanuts acquired with a McDonald's sundae achieved iconic status in our humor binge.

When you are in a state of hilarity, though, the most mundane things can become a source of laughter. I think when you're in this frame of mind, you want to prolong it, and you glean amusement from the most trivial or banal places.

OR you are just so clever so as to render the most mundane things hi-freakin'-larious. I think KEWP and BEP are clever and/or delightfully & appropriately inappropriate. LIke when I was flipping through her photos and came across one of KEWP preaching. She exclaimed, "Oh, but look at the one where I'm giving the benediction. I'm stacked!" Jesus loves her, and so do I.

*For the title, I stole from the lyrics of the song Born by Over the Rhine. Kewp loves Over the Rhine and is nearly 100% responsible for getting me hooked on them.

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