19 May 2005

getting a buzz

Last night I went to this event called "Can you HANDle it?" in Akron. It was organized by some young professionals groups to show how they evisioned Akron or what the younger generation was doing. I never learned the meaning behind the title "can you HANDle it?" and I will refrain from cracking any inneuendo about it.

There were lots of people there, and I knew a few, but not enough to truly "network". Because it was loosely structured—with tables of organizations and businesses set up—I didn't stay for long. It was reassuring to see that others are interested in Akron and that there are other people my age in Akron who aren't slackers.

ArtCetera was there. I had wanted to get involved with it. It's a group of youngish professionals who get together about six times a year for different cultural events.

Yesterday, I just found out about RubberBuzz.com so I met the two creators of the site last night. They were nice and not cloyingly PR like some people you meet at these sorts of events. I'm glad they started it; it's part Akron blog, part calendar of events and part Akron directory.

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