18 April 2005

Wine and Iron & Wine

Saturday I earned some hipster cred by going to the Grog Shop to see Iron and Wine. Although, let it be known that I liked them for more than their contribution to the [admittedly awesome] Garden State soundtrack.

First DCD and I went to La Cave du Vin on Coventry. The place really resembles a wine cellar; darkly atmospheric, it would be an ideal spot for a romantic date. I tried an Ice Wine, which is a wine made from grapes that have frozen.The sugar becomes even more concentrated when the grapes freeze, creating a very sweet, rich wine. But damn our country's stubborness at resisting switching to the metric system (and damn my own ignorance). The menu listed this wine as sold in a 50 mL bottle. I honed in on the word bottle reasoning that I'd get more than a glass for the $8 cost. Oh, no, it was only half a glass, and with my sweet tooth, I could have downed that mo-fo in a minute. Mind you, I was more delicate.

Of course, while the web site said the show was to start at 8 pm, the doors didn't even open until 8:30 for this sold-out show. We waited in a long line of black-frame glasses wearing, shaggy haired, Converse-sporting peeps and didn't get in until 9.

The band didn't go on until 11. At the risk of sounding like a curmundgenly future spinster, my feet hurt. I don't like standing for so long. To my credit, Iron and Wine isn't the type of music you want to stand around and listen to. It is gentle, somnolent rock; the occasional slide guitar or banjo give a subtle twangy texture, but definitely not enough to alienate people loathe to country or even alt-country. It's good make-out music. (Unfortunately I had no one to make out with at the concert, but, because of the crowded house, I did bump into DCD's boobs quite frequently.)

For a listen, check out the titular song from their new EP Woman King.

In spinster mode, DCD leaned over ot me during the concert and said "I have Estelle Getty's name stuck in my head."
No more Red Bull for her. (DCD, that is; Estelle Getty can drink all the Red Bull her geriatric heart desires.)

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