13 April 2005

where were you when mr. hooper died?

I was sitting at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York city in 2001. I had requested the episode of Sesame that deals with the death of Mr. Hooper to watch on one of their individual consoles (along with a That Girl episode).

Dear reader, I cried. I cried with appreciation for the poignancy of a children's program. I cried that my youth had passed and I was now sitting alone in a harsh city, trying to relive that past.

Although I was a faithful viewer, I do not recall seeing the Mr. Hooper episode as a child. However, dozens of other sketches burned themselves into my memory through repeat viewings and sentimental rediscoveries as an older child or adult.

Sesame truly permeated my life. My father used to call a person a Forgetful Jones if he/she forgot something.
forgetful jones
He still calls our dog Hairy Monster after the gruff-voiced, blue-furred Herry Monster. Like others, I relied on the staccato onetwothreefourFIVEsixseveneightNINEtenelevenTWEEEELLLL-VE song by default when counting--long after childhood.

Here are some of my favorite Sesame memories:

Cab Calloway sang the Hi Dee Ho Man song with and The Two Headed Monster

Me and My Llama going to the dentist.

• Visit to the Crayon Factory (I still want to go to one!)

Oscar's trash can. (Perhaps this precludes my propensity for trash-picking. I was so enchanted with the unseen world in Oscar's trash can.)
oscar and david

• Remember Hooper's store employee David? (Picture above with Oscar.) I loved the sketch where he is rollerskating (complete with terry cloth sweat bands) but is not so adept at it (or perhaps he is taking a hyper Barkeley for a walk). He ends up on an unintentional wild ride through the city, going down stairs on the skates, etc.

• The touching, Free to be You and Me-esque We all sing in the same voice song. (Saw this when in middle school: Cried.)

I am sure there are more, but these in particular stick out and/or are what my memory could dredge up. Feel free to add.

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