22 March 2005

Why, vanilla is my favorite flavor

This past week, Cool People from Akron has had a thread titled 10 things you've done that most others have not.

Hmmm. Boy did it take me a while to come up with this list:
- I started a feminist magazine
- I have asked for directions in Pittsburgh while fondling a naked Ken doll.
- I have driven three hours to get to a wedding that happened the day before.
- I have gotten accepted to grad school with a nice stipend and turned it down.
- I have been a straight woman at a women's music festival (not Lilith Fair).
- I have an aversion to eating fruits and grains mixed together.
- I have been to biotechnology camp.

Not even ten.
And decidedly more vanilla (or nerdy) answers than some of my CPFA comrades, who have: eaten rattlesnake, smoked chalk, fallen asleep on a beer keg, body surfed on a car going 40 miles an hour.

Is my life less worthy because I have never woken up with cheap beer adhering my face to a keg? No, probably not.

But I can't help
feeling a little lame that I do not have any outrageous experiences about which to boast. An inebriated game of Truth or Dare Jenga this week corroborated my feeling.

I realize a dearth of outlandish or risky experiences means I have not experienced many negative repercussions that could potentially happen. And without the sensibility that kept me from some risky behaviors, I would not have had a lot of the positive experiences I am proud of.

But still.
I don't think having had some crazy experiences and sensibility are mutually exclusive. My lack of the former would seem to bespeak my character, then. I'm vanilla!

And yet.
I don't feel totally vanilla. I think I have some peanut butter swirls.

peanut butter gets me biotechnology camp and feminism. I just want a fucking good story--one appreciated outside nerd-dom.

It must be
my friends. Y'all suck.


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