28 March 2005

Old Men Who You Might Not Have Thought Were Hot When They Were Young, but They Were

an exercise in subjectivity

This is not an obvious list of old (or dead) men who were hot. We know Paul McCartney was a cutie. Harrison Ford is still regarded as hot. Some men you can tell by looking at them now. In others, age has obscured or swallowed their attractive features and looking at them now, it can be difficult to tell they were once young studs. As Lauren put it in her helping me compile this list, they are unexpectedly foxy.

John McCain still has a distinguished handsomeness, but it disguises how HAWT he was when he was young.
He was probably too short, though. And Republican.

Mandy Patinkin, as discovered in Yentel in which he bared his ass and sported lush, curly dark hair.

Arlo Guthrie. I don’t know that anyone would be able to discern nowadays that this folkie was once attractive.
But check out Alice’s Restaurant and you may be proven wrong (if you have a proclivity for lanky hippies). (Or, you may think, as my mom did, "he was never hot!")

DCD has long slobbered over a young Orson Welles.
Don't forget his sexy voice.
But, as an older, fatter man, he could look downright scary.

Lauren reminded me of Richard Dreyfuss, particularly in his role in Jaws. But I have never seen Jaws. I thought he was cute in American Graffitti as an amiable and thoughtful type.

But some of L's tastes...hmm. Woody Allen?
I've even got a thing for Jews andnerdy glasses and I can't agree.

She also names Michael Palin

and, at the apex of list of inexplicably sexy men: Gene Wilder.
As I am such a fan of Willy Wonka, I will not argue.

What about Ralph Nader? Anyone, anyone?
Can't you see it?

There's something about the young Alan Alda.
But it could be too many M*A*S*H reruns and PBS specials.

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