16 March 2005

Observations from One Broad, Abroad: Part III

J'adore Orangina!
The effervescent, all natural citrus drink; I think it could help kick my soda habit.

Speaking of drinks, two days in Germany is not enough time to cultivate an affinity for beer. I'll keep trying. I did enjoy Radler which is beer mixed with lemon soda. It reminded me of the first real party I went to in high school, where they had a tub of Strip and Let's Get Naked, which is a mix of beer, lemonade and vodka. (To the disappointment of the boy I went there with, I did not strip and get naked; I was quickly replaced with a blonder, sluttier model.)

Did you know that discount, ghettoized chain Aldi comes from Germany? Indeed, except there it is much better--more variety and quality.
The stores' pay for your bag policy and efficiency—getting a huge line of people through in a shorter amount of time than a line of three people at Marc's—should have been clues.

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