15 March 2005

Observations from One Broad, Abroad: Part II

Ear plugs are indispensible when traveling. Especially if you stay in hostels. They did not quite drown out the snoring roommate I had, but good enough to sleep. However, they did not muffle the sound of my own voice when I woke myself from a dream, emitting a strangled scream.

We visit a number of churches in France, and I am struck by the complex beauty of them. I also cynically wonder why people would think God would want such ostentation and excess.

Our reverence for the cathedrals must be mitigated with some reverence of sin. So we visit Musee de l'Erotisme in the red light district near the famed Moulin Rouge. It is a collection of erotic art from all over the world. Most people are probably lured in by the window display, in which sits a chair with a specially placed cutout section that a wheel of tongues rotates through. Mostly the museum has a lot of penises and vaginas. It becomes tiresome after a while. Nonetheless, still interesting, esp. the cultural history about brothels and sex workers.

I thought I could escape it by going to Europe, but no Comic Sans is everywhere. Particularly in Strasbourg, France. The hostel we stayed at was particularly keen on it.

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