30 March 2005

Good Things to Know about Pink Trucks

1. The heater blower fan only works on high and one other lower setting.
2. When the gas gauge reads empty and the low fuel warning lite comes on, it may be too late.
3. You will look good in it.

This was the note my father left for me regarding use of his small pick up truck. Yes, my masculine father, who squirms at Will and Grace, has a pink truck. That’s what we like to say, even though it is really only half pink and said half really more magenta than pink.

My dad has always been one for function over form. (Note his affinity for white, high-top sneakers, that most of his wardrobe says Ameritech or SBC on it and his nonchalance at wearing in public circles of silver duct tape on his neck to get rid of moles.) This truck was acquired in the same vein of reasoning; my parents wanted a truck, this one was for sale by a friend for a steal, boom—they own a pink truck.

I am not embarrassed to drive this alleged aesthetic gem of the early ‘90s. My caveat is the sticker of the waving American flag sticker on its back window. What if people think I’m a Republican?

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