09 February 2005

oh, barbie

My mom claims she did not provide exclusively "girl" toys to me as a child. Regardless of her attempts at gender neutrality, I immediately gravitated toward dolls. (Though I will argue that our gender socialization is so subtle we don't realize it.)

I loved playing with Barbies. While I loved making up stories for them, I think they also served as a social outlet of sorts. In that, the popularity and beauty I did not find in my life, I created in theirs. Perhaps that is why I played with them until I was 13.

As a feminist, I don't harbor hatred of the buxom babe. I think her existence is a little more nuanced than either pure evil or peachy goodness (Peaches 'n Cream Barbie, anyone?)

But I really got a kick out of this comic, which I've had for some time. And I've never really shared it with anyone, so I must share the love (or, rather, the snarkiness).


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