27 February 2005

je vais revenir dans deux semaine

vacations are stressful.
I am leaving for a trip to france/germany/switzerland in less than two days, and I am still trying to get work done to compensate for being gone. And when I return, I'll be doing the same thing, no doubt.

At this point, I am really looking forward to the long plane ride--time to just read, write or sleep. That's almost vacation enough for me. Being away from the Internet and email will be a good vacation, too; I'm such a junkie.

oh, yeah. europe. that place will be fun, too. i hope i don't step in too much dog shit in paris.

I thought about bringing Naked Ken along (You may remember him from such adventures as New Year's Eve and Eagles Pointe 2001-2002.) But even though he's naked, he still takes up space, and I'm traveling super light.

I told my mom I wouldn't hitch hike. Oh,yeah, I told KEWP, too.
Find out the real story in two weeks when I return.

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