02 February 2005


I was never a contender for class clown in school. I think I was viewed as a goody-goody (and, ok, some validity there). But just because I wasn't stealing the bells on the school bells doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the effort.

While the antics of the Jackass boys can sometimes get too crude, I have to admit, no movie has made me laugh harder. I especially enjoy their messing with social norms. How often do we imagine bellowing something profane during a symphony concert? We can live vicariously through their ability to not to give a shit. (Or perhaps their ability to shit in inappropriate places—like the toilet floor model at the hardware store.)

For those of you who enjoy a good prank but fear racking up hell points for enjoying vulgar or cruel shenanigans, get your fix at Cockeyed. They do "victimless pranks." Recently, they altered some TGIFridays menus with stuff like this:

atkinz menu

Good fun.

I also like the idea of subverting large corporations. Recently, in Stayfree magazine I read an amusing Wal-Mart prank.

The author was a little peeved at getting fired for no discernible reason.
"I was actually fired from Wal-Mart. I would say that only a retard could get fired from Wal-Mart, but even the door greeter with Down Syndrome who once bit a female customer's inner thigh was still employed."

and i thought i was clever because i convinced a roommate's ex that she couldn't talk to him because she had her mouth wired shut.

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