01 February 2005

heard on the street

Ok, maybe not on the street. More like in my living room or on the phone.

"I don't mind if Jesus gets into bed with Marx." -KEWP

"Wal-Green's thongs: They put the 'ass' in 'class'." -Mark

Me: "Scoonie, are you my bitch?"
Scoonie: "Meow."

Doctoral student in music composition (Chris): "So I'm taking jazz band as an elective."

Me: "Cool."

Chris: "Eh, the first day I went to class, the other drummer was there. He was all greasy, and he was wearing sweatpants. Who wears sweatpants out anywhere?! And he had to borrow my drumsticks. When he wasn't playing, he sat there with my drumsticks propped up between his legs. My drumsticks were by his sweatpanted crotch.

I'm not going back."

Me: "You're not going back to class just because this guy puts your drumsticks in his crotch?"

Chris: "Yeah."

"I can knit better than God." -KEWP

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