18 February 2005

Accident 1903

If you paid attention to the Prompt Me comment thread, you would have noticed that lovenotfear (aka Marc) challenged me to write a prompt based on a found photo, much as he often does on his site. And though it has been eons since I wrote fictive work, I accepted the challenge, and tonight we gave ourselves a half hour to write from the same photo.
Here's what I wrote (yes, I was a little slow to write tonight!)

Something happened.
That ambiguous declaration buzzed down the street, pulling at people’s ears and curiosity. The news, the prospect, was louder than the actual happening. That is how it is.
I trotted outside barefoot, following my slithering neighbors. We kicked up dust in our intrigued haste, and it clung to the hems of the long, dark skirts, to my pink, calloused toes. We did not notice.
We did not notice that urgency toppled the walls among us, that Mrs. Collins’ usually rigid hand protectively grazed my shoulder. We whispered to each other like siblings after bedtime, passing illicit candy under the covers.
The lines blurred in the dust, in sight of the crash of that cable car.
We must have noticed something happened besides the huge metal vehicle splitting the earth and felling trees, brush. We noticed each others’ fragility.
The car was moved, of course. And once again everything was on track. The walls were resurrected.

Now, go and read marc's.

Lastly, check out the photo that prompted our writing.

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