23 January 2005

Say my name, bitch

I assume most of you reading this blog know my name, at the very least my first name. (Duh, it's part of my email address, which I have available on this site). Still why don't I come out and say it in this post then?

Webnimity, as Katherine, er KEWP, called it. (A google of this spelling revealed no hits, and, as google is the definitive source on everything, I recognize her as progenitor of this word.)

I recognize the need for anonymity on the web in certain forums or if you are disseminating sensitive subject matter. I had not really established a web identity until I started going to cool people from akron, but after joining that online community it became protocol. Most of the people on the site know me--many my first name, last name and what I threw up in Dextrometh's yard. But we strictly refer to each other online by our "handles." Hell, photos of ourselves are on the site--labeled by our handles.

This webnimity standard trickled down as I started visiting blogs--of people I knew and those I didn't. And then when I started my own blog. But for what reason? I try to avoid incriminating myself or libeling because too often life comes back and bites us in the ass. So sorry, you won't get much juicy gossip here.

It's not like I am creating some fantastical web identity that requires me to use a pseudonymn. And neither are most of my friends online. What compels us to consistently use our web names?

(This is not a rhetorical question that I am going to flesh out further down the post. I am tired and my cat keeps laying her head on the keyboard. So come up with your own answers, and then let me know.)

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