16 January 2005


Marge Piercy writes in her poem The Listmaker, "I am a compiler of lists." Oh, Margie, I hear ya. I love listmaking, and I am not alone.

There was a magazine devoted to the idea and trajectories of list making: To-Do List magazine.It's now defunct but certainly not from lack of lists. Its web site still has content on it for your perusing pleasure; add it on your list of sites to visit. ;)

Found magazine features lists as well as other found writings, dropped by unsuspecting people whose odd notes like this show up in a national publication.
pelvic floor note

Thinking about lists, I thought about a friend in college who was an assiduous list maker. He intertwined his affinity for pop culture with the compulsion--cranking out year-end lists of the best singles, movies and records. His choices were not naive; he watched and listened to everything he possibly could to appropriately inform his lists. He still makes lists and you can find them on his site The Larry Page.

My list for the week?
- finish making a Chanukah present for my friend (yes, Chanukah was over a month ago!)
- go to the thrift store on 50¢ day
- buy wood glue, deodorant and bananas
- start organizing the art fair

et vous?

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