25 January 2005

LIfe, cubed

Thankfully, I don't inhabit a cubicle at work. I did my time, though. Two summers of cubicle living, during which I became fully acquainted with screen-minimizing and looking busy while actually trying to doze. Two summers I shared office space with a wonderful woman with a bad habit--fundie, Christian radio. I got my fill of "Focus on the Family" and Dr. Laura.l

So I can still appreciate The Cubes--the Office Space of Lego-land.

cubes chick

I'm even more fond of Overheard in the Office. People share amusing quotes they overhead at the office.
"IT Guy: The last 15-20 minutes of my life have been wasted because you are a moron."

If I kept track of how much of my time has been wasted because people are morons, I would get depressed.

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