28 December 2004

Show and Tell

Because sharing is good.

Yes, NE Ohio has the Cedar Lee. We also have the cleveland cinematheque. I wish I could get there more often; it is often the only way to see certain independent films.

Whimsical, political, mocking, fun, jazzy. This is the music of Nellie McKay. Based in jazz, her tunes jump genres and feature lyrics that garnered the parental advisory label. There are MP3s on her site; check it out.

I have yet to confirm it, but I swear poet Allison Stine was a Power of the Pen champ during my days in it. I bought her chapbook and enjoy her poems.

Paying for stock photos? I don't think so. I found stock xchang. They seem to have a large variety; some photos you don't have to ask permission to use, but I found one I wanted and emailed ther person and he was happy to have his photo used. I'll take suggestions for other good free stock photo sites.

Goddamn, This American Life kicks ass!

So does The Sun magazine. Each issue has a loose theme and features an interview, non-fiction and fiction and a few poems. However, my favorite section is Readers Write. Prompted by one word: letters, monogamy, marijuana, leaving, ice cream, readers submit short, true tales that are poignant, eloquent and humorous.

Can one be a rabid recycler? If so, I think I qualify. I can get sorta anal about it. In trying to find somewhere to recycle old office stuff from work, I found this site which lists recycling places per your zip code. You can find out where to recycle old computers, floppy disks, CDs, paper, etc.

Oy, I wish the zine Plotz still published. I have to make do with its creator's site Plotzworld. Has the same snarky Jewish flavor.

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