22 December 2004

Hooray for Bollywood

The opening scene of Enid shimmying to 1960s Indian pop music drew me into more than Ghost World.

About a year later, listening to an Internet radio station that featured music from movies, a bold, snappy Indian song jostled me from a design trance. It was from a new movie Monsoon Wedding. Knowing nothing of the movie, I knew I had to see it. I did and fell for the film as well as the soundtrack.
monsoon wedding

While the soundtrack was enough to sate my taste for mutli-culti ear candy, I reasoned there had to be more Indian music as addictive. Then I learned of Bollywood, India's prolific movie industry. They churn out films, many of which are musicals. Did someone say "musical"?

I haven't the opportunity to view many Bollywood flicks. I did see Lagaan. (Funny, couldn't convince anyone to spend the four hours watching it with me.) And I look forward to Bride and Prejudice. Hopefully, it will make it to NE Ohio.

I'm still intrigued by Bollywood music and Indian pop music. Today I learned about this site, which has a CD's worth of tracks for download. Yum! Check it out and maybe I'll be able to convince you to devote a few hours to a Bollywood viewing.

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