29 May 2007

no comment

After tiring of repeatedly repairing to the delete key, I've decided to close this blog. You can thank one bitter person who would like to blame me for what she wrought upon herself and who is seeking venegence by leaving mean-spirited comments. I think it's healthier for her if she doesn't have access to my life.

If you would like to follow me elsewhere in the blogosphere, please send me an email.

17 May 2007

back in the saddle

So, I've been back from Prague for a week and, historically, I like to post anecdotes about my travels. Oh, I'll get around to that.*

I've been too busy soothing Scoonie's trauma at having to be alone with mean Uncle Geoff for over a week. This involves much listening to plaintive meows, imploring me to never.leave.again and a cat face repeatedly smooshed against my face. Delaney, well, she acts like she could care less, but I know better. I know she missed rolling around in the bathtub while I brushed my teeth.

Also what I've been doing
Yesterday I called my mom and said, "Guess what I did last night?" in a tone meant to imply "I did something that will make you clutch your chest with worry."

"Got yourself pregnant?" she asked.

If she would have played along and kept guessing, she might have also ventured:
• Crossed the street even though the signal said "DON'T WALK."
• Made your bed.
• Decided to become a Republican.

"I went...on a motorcycle ride," I replied, drawing out the drama.

"Oh, that's cool," she said nonchalantly.

Whaaa? Clearly, next time I need to tell her: "I went on a motorcycle ride...topless. And then I went home and made my bed."

I can't say riding on motorcycles will be a future avocation. When we got two blocks from my friend's house, I thought maybe this is enough; I'm pretty sure I have the idea.

I didn't exactly have confidence in the ability of my thighs to keep me attached to the bike, nor my arms wrapped around a similarly vulnerable human being. I perpetually envisioned myself catapulting off the small seat onto the less-than-sympathetic-at-45 mph pavement.

I did become more comfortable, zipping through the Cuyahoga Valley, and enjoyed the wind creeping into the helmet and more actively experiencing the landscape.

I even got a tattoo for the occasion. It was a temporary "Born to Read" tattoo, but whatever.

* Present motto.

30 April 2007

Ahoj, Praha

see ya in a few, bloggers.

22 April 2007

sundry sunday

• my jeans squeak.

• it's awkward seeing your gynecologist in public; would she really recognize my face?

• one Brach's jellybean equals 10 calories.

• a friend sent me a haiku:
boys make me restless
want to run up and down stairs
spring spring spring spring spring

• in about a week, I'm headed to Prague; right now I'm headed to the roller derby.

20 April 2007


Is Myspace personalizing its ads?

17 April 2007

eco blogging tuesday
spring recycling

Soon, soon, the heady scent of spring will ride on balmy breezes into Ohio. Soon, I'll be able to remove the plastic from my windows, and the weather will goad me into clearing a winter's worth of crap from my car. Spring cleaning, baby!

So it's the perfect time to share resources of where you can recycle items you want to get rid of but are loath to add to a garbage dump. Ancient computer monitors, Saved by the Bell-era cell phones, used batteries, old paint cans...they don't have to meet the fate of mingling with banana peels and baby diapers. (Which, you know, don't have to be in a garbage dump, either, but another eco-blog.)

A great resource for finding recycling facilities is earth911. Type in your zipcode to find facilities near you.

Take to the Summit

For instance, NE Ohio residents can go to the Household Hazardous Waste Center, run by the Summit Akron Solid Waste Management Authority. It's open April–Sept. on Tuesdays from 1–4 p.m. and Wednesdays from 6:30-9:30 p.m. It's located at 1201 Graham Road in Cuyahoga Falls. Among the items you can drop off there: used car oil, car batteries, used tires, televisions, computers, batteries, fluorescent bulbs and chemicals. SASWMA claims it recycles 80% of the materials dropped off.

Along the Cuyahoga

April is computer recycling month for Cuyahoga County. See this the Solid Waste District page to find out which cities are collecting when. (Some collect year-round.)The SWD also provides free tire recycling, usually in September but year-round in some cities. Click here for information. Check out the SWD site for more recycling options in Cuyahoga County.

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk in yer...mailbox

Cuyahoga SWD has a good page on how to reduce junk mail, like registering with the Direct Marketing Association.

Bag lady
Today, I took two used plastic bags into Acme to use for my groceries. When I got to the end of the register, I realized the bagger used new bags and tossed my used ones aside. Gah! I should've brought my cloth bags and taken my used plastic bags to Giant Eagle to recycle.

IKEA has started charging for plastic bags in their stores, God bless 'em. The proceeds of which go to American Forests, the nation's oldest non-profit conservation organization, to plant trees and offset CO2 emissions.

Big Box virtues
Speaking of IKEA, when I was there recently, I noticed recycling bins in the exitway. Not just for aluminum cans. No, you can take pencil stubs, fluorescent bulbs, batteries and possibly other things I can't recall.A recent trip to OfficeMax revealed that they have bins to recycle used cell phones and ink jet cartridges.

Let's get technical
Used CDs are the bane of recyclers, but it looks like the city of Cleveland Heights recycles them, along with other "techno trash." Treehugger also has an article on recycling CDs, but it seems counterintuitive to waste fossil fuel sending items to be recycled.

Hopefully all this information helps you; please add anything else in the comments. Of course, there's always Goodwill or the Salvation Army for donating items that people can still use.

09 April 2007


This list is accidental. I meant to compile a random list, compelled to title it "errata." The I-bookmarked-my-dictionary-in-eighth-grade part of me suggested this was not correct. Dictionary.com (too lazy to link) confirmed errata does not mean miscellany but, rather, a list of errors. I decided to compile a list of errors instead. Because self-flagellation is not only a fun word to say; it's fun to do, too!

• With no other threatening bids, I pre-emptively bid $500 in "Metyk Money" in a 5th grade auction—all for a poster, nay pin-up, of Debbie Gibson from BOP magazine.

• Kissing that one guy.

• Arguing with scary Kim about a marching band cheer and almost getting a black eye.

• Giving Dina, of Barbie & the Rockers, a crew cut.

• Being pressured to write "Leslie is a lesbian and Sally is dumb" and dropping the note near their houses, where it was discovered. I was in third grade (and didn't know what a lesbian was).

• Kissing that other guy.

• Trying to exploit physics in an elevator in NYC by jumping in the air as it neared its stop, thinking I'd be in air longer because the elevator was moving. I wasn't. (This was my punishment for never taking a physics class.)

• Going to Young Life meetings.

• Sending someone I didn't like a three-eyed candy cane reindeer in high school.

• Not spitting out that shot of vodka, which trying to swallow made me throw up all over the table in front of numerous people.

• Eating my roommate's Easter candy instead of dinner.

• Sixth grade.

• Seventh grade.

• Eighth grade.